· Camouflage Dark Green & Gold ·

Finally we have our first Shader on sale, a machine designed specifically to put color in easily and effortless, although you can also use it as a Liner for large groups, from 9 onwards. This machine has a geometry very similar to the Liner 5, the biggest difference is the set of totally new springs, which will allow it to be used at a lower voltage than the Liner, to make color and black really very solid and in a single pass.

Designed to put color first time like no other, without having to go through the same site twice, that is why we do not recommend this machine for realism or for working in many layers.

We recommend to those who want to constantly change the stroke while tattooing, order the machine WITHOUT SOUND; in this way they will be able to regulate the stroke to go from small to large Magnum, without having to be aware of how it is heard.

  • Recommended Voltage 5 < 5,9. I prefer 5,5 Voltz.
  • We always recommend steel tubes, in the Liner and also in the Shader. Although the plastic tubes are very good, but the steel tube makes work easier, especially on large pieces. Anyhow, feel free to use the tube that you like.
  • New spring configuration, very smooth and powerfull.
  • Tuned system adjustable by a thumb screw.
  • CNC mechanized brass frame.
  • Epoxy paints, patinas and many other surface finish colors.
  • Well balanced, light and low vibration.
  • Made in Ibiza, Spain.
  • Every machine comes with a set of rubber bands, o rings, gromets, springs and a user guide.
640.00 €