TRADITIONAL COLORS


· Super Chromo ·

Finally the Liner 6.0 is finished, so far the best machine we have built. We added a little more material and we got a machine with the same strength, a little more versatility, but with very low vibrations. *Extra spare spring embedded in the frame. *Compatible with all RCA batteries. *Better sound thanks to added extra material. *Very low vibrations. *Better balanced weight. *Works very good for lining from 5RL to 18 RL (Ask for special fine line setting if you want to do 3-5-7RL only) *Weight 150 grs/ 5.29 Oz *Works very good for lining, packing color and shading. (All in one) *Runs best for lining at 6.1 volts; for color 5.2~5.8 volts. *Tuned system adjustable by Allen key.

660.00 €