*The initial idea of ​​this machine is to reuse existing resources such as these Red Rat grips, which became popular in the 2000s and were one of the most technological and precious objects that tattoo artists could have because they not only reduce the vibration that machines produce, but you can also wash them in an autoclave as many times as you want, becoming a much more sustainable product than all the disposable ones you use every day to work. They come in a size of 35 millimeters straight or with the concave grip and the 48 millimeter one, which will be very useful to tattoo artists who love to line the grips with kilometers of tape to achieve this thickness. Each of our grips is made of aluminum covered by a removable red rat, made of poreless silicone, so if you have more silicone grip covers you will always be able to use them when they are one inch. 

*Regarding the batteries, the lack of compatibility between the existing ones made us consider whether to manufacture a new one for our machine or make these pens compatible with the majority of the batteries that already exist, we are still in doubt.

*The machine works perfectly for lines from 5 to 14, also color and shading. It has a 4.2 stroke length, we realized that it is a versatile stroke, for any kind of work including stippling at low volts. It could be used with RCA clipcord or wireless battery.

*Compatible with any RCA wireless battery.

*Well balanced.

*If you want to use it with FK Iron batteries, please choose the option below.

Mudrã Kit includes: free battery, two diferent sizes of grips of your choice and rca clipcord. 

Mudrã Pen: includes one grip size of your choice.

Grip Sizes: 32mm/ 45mm/ 32 mm taper

Choose a variant:

Starting at 490.00 €