· Unique & Experimental Colors · for customized lovers

This section is dedicated to unique machines. Weekly we will update the colors with different techniques: patina, blued, epoxy paints, veneers. They will always be UNIQUE combinations. The machines in this section are not repeated. Therefore, if you want one, remember to reserve it on time.

**Please check this section periodically to see updates in time**

. This new version has improvements in the frame to make the machine last longer calibrated, keeping the Liner 4.1 mechanism.

. Works very good for lining, packing color and shading. -All in one-

. It can be used with normal needles and also CARTRIDGES.

. Weight: 4,7 Oz/135 grs.

. New springs configuration, same power but runs smoother.

. Runs best for lining at 6.1 volts; for color 5.8 volts.

. Fast liner machine from 5's to 18's, easy.

. Color packer 5.5 to 6 Volts

. Tuned system adjustable by Allen key.

. CNC Mechanized brass frame.

. Electrostatic paint. Different combination colors.

. Well balanced, light and low vibration. Made in Spain.

*Extra set of springs and o rings included.

590,00 €